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MPIJet's Top Private Charter Destinations: Everything you need to know

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Nothing About These Trips Are “Plane”.

Private Jet Top Destinations

While MPIJet is based in Monterey, California, we frequently charter to destinations outside of the state. These destinations range from both national and international locations and are available for quotes on our Private Charter page. If you are ever wondering which locations are most popular for private charter, or want a vacation recommendation, then look no further! MPIJet has found locations that our clients frequently travel to; we made it possible for you to view these locations on our Destination page. These frequent destinations outside of California include Telluride, CO, and Portland, OR. Those within California are San Diego, Anaheim, and San Francisco. Clients can expect a larger list of destinations coming soon.

Each top private charter destination page is equipped with a brief description of the location, links available to book a flight, a list of luxury hotels in the area, quality golf courses, top restaurants, and recommended things to do to make your stay that much easier. In addition, because these are our top chartered destinations, finding empty legs to or from these might come at an advantage. Keep an eye out for Monterey-based empty legs from these hot destinations in your email inbox or on our MPIJet Empty Leg webpage. On our destination page, you can also explore our fleet of aircraft to see which one best suits your travel needs.

MPIJet offers valuable information on our top private chartered destinations and may soon offer partnership discounts to local attractions and lodgings. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, MPIJet wants to make sure you get there comfortably and well prepared. Let’s take a look at each of our frequent destinations and learn what they have to offer.

Telluride, Colorado

Private Jet Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is known for its incredible scenery, boutiques, world-class skiing, fine dining, and luxury golf courses. Regardless of your purpose for traveling, this historic landmark district has something for everyone. Enjoy Telluride, CO in the Summer, Spring, Fall, or Winter and create a memory you will never forget.

Portland, Oregon

Private Jet Portland, Oregon

Portland is always evolving as it is known for its popup shops, rotating coffee shops, and emerging boutiques in the Pearl District. From breathtaking views to one-of-a-kind shopping, dive into the inspiring culture Portland has to offer.

Anaheim, California

Private Jet Anaheim, California

Anaheim has so much to offer from baseball, to Disneyland, to incredible cuisine. Catch a game with the Los Angeles Angels or the Anaheim Ducks hockey team; explore the Packing District which hosts some of the finest chefs and bakers.

San Francisco, California

Private Jet San Francisco, California

San Francisco, the “City by the Bay,” has so much more to offer than its gorgeous bay views. Explore the historical architecture, take a trip to Alcatraz, stop by Ghirardelli for some chocolate, and pop into the many shops along the way. There is an endless list of activities that San Francisco has to offer.

San Diego, California

Private Jet San Diego, California

San Diego is the perfect vacation location for the entire family. Spend your time exploring Balboa Park, soaking up the sun by the beach, wandering the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld, before ending the night on La Jolla shores watching the sunset. Don’t forget to grab a California burrito on your way!

When Business Takes Off

Whether your trip is a day or a week, MPIJet is honored to help make your stay as smooth as possible. Checkout our destination pages for even more information on your favorite spots and book with MPI Jet today!

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