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Meet Our Pilot: Terry Norbraten

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Terry Norbraten is one of MPIJet’s valued and certificated pilots. Prior to MPIJet, Terry served 22 years in the Navy and was a member of the Navy Flying club in Monterey, CA. Terry received his private pilot’s license in 1994 and became a certified flight instructor in 2018. During his time learning the different aspects of flying, Terry fell in love with the art of formation flying.

In 2009, Terry joined the Navy Flying Club in Monterey, CA. Formed in 1963, the club offered airworthy aircraft at affordable rental rates to those who shared a love for flight. The club’s fleet comprised of donated 1950’s Military trainer aircraft that were used by the Navy and Air Force for training purposes. Through coordination with other club members and pilots within the Navy Flying Club, Terry was able to find ways to satisfy his love for formation flying. In an interview, Terry mentioned that he strongly enjoyed the community and fellowship that came with club membership.

During Terry’s eleven years as a member of the Navy Flying Club, he attended many Foothills pancake breakfasts and fly-ins—events where members share personal flying stories and experiences with each other. While being a member of this club, Terry had the opportunity to fly many historic Warbirds. His favorite being the T-34 Bravo (pictured above). According to Terry, this retired Air-force trainer was “A wonderful and memorable bird to fly.” He valued every opportunity to fly this historic aircraft.

After the club closed in 2020, Terry’s flying experience continued to grow. Before joining MPIJet’s team in February of 2020, Terry flew cargo for FedEx. Following this, he quickly realized that building relationships with people while flying was one of the most important rewarding aspects of being a pilot. This realization encouraged him to make the transition into the private charter industry and build relationships with clients.

On the off chance that Terry is not flying for MPI Jet, he is most likely utilizing his flight instructor certificate to share his experience with aspiring pilots at the AeroDynamic School of Aviation. One of the most important things learned throughout his experience, explains Terry, is this: “Every time you go out to fly, you must remember that you have done the planning and you have put in the hard work to prove what it takes to get from point A to B safely. So, for the well-being of yourself and your passengers, you are going to be the safest, smartest, and best pilot that you can be today”.

-Terry Norbraten

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