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Soaring Dreams: Fatima Abed Wins MPI Jet's Dream of Flight Scholarship

Updated: May 17

Image of MPI Jet's President James Garamendi awarding the Dream of Flight Scholarship to Fatima Abed, a member of the Salinas Boys & Girls Club. The scholarship supports youth in pursuing their dreams of higher education.

The skies are the limit for Fatima Abed, this year's recipient of the 2024 Dream of Flight Scholarship from Monterey Pacific International Jet (MPI Jet). Fatima's powerful essay detailing her courageous journey to learn English and pursue higher education resonated deeply with MPI Jet's team, making her a well-deserved recipient.

"This scholarship is helping me reach my aspirations of pursuing higher education, like a jet that's taking me closer to my dreams," Fatima shares. "Thank you to MPI Jet for this incredible opportunity and support. Your team's kindness will never be forgotten."

The Dream of Flight Scholarship was open to graduating seniors from the Seaside and Salinas Boys & Girls Club chapters in Monterey County. It's purpose is to uplift students aspiring to further their education through college, trade schools, apprenticeships, culinary programs, and even military paths - not limited to the aviation industry.

MPI Jet President James (Jeb) Garamendi expresses the vision behind this unique scholarship:

"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. While dreams are not fragile, they sometimes require a little help. That's why we created the Dream of Flight Scholarship, aiming to alleviate financial obstacles hindering education beyond high school."

It is MPI Jet’s goal to ensure that every student has the opportunity to chase their dreams. From exposing students to affluent industry opportunities, occupations in STEM, and simply giving students the ability to explore their passions internally, the Dream of the Dream of Flight program aims to encourage and support the possibility of student’s achieving their dreams.

Matt McIntyre, MPI Jet’s Director of Operations, embarked on his journey towards becoming a pilot in private aviation at the age of 13, when he won a flight with local aerobatic pilot Sean Tucker through his local 4-H club. It was this opportunity that sparked Matt's determination to pursue aviation.

Inspired by his experience, Matt is driven to provide other students and young adults with the same opportunity to discover the enchantment of an industry they may have never considered exploring.

“Always take every opportunity to do something new. Even if it takes you upside down or throws you for a loop. You never know if it will turn into a dream of flight.” - Matt McIntyre

Ron Johnson, President/CEO of the Monterey Boys & Girls Clubs, lauds this partnership with MPI Jet and shares his congratulations with the hardworking scholar.

"We're excited to partner once more with MPI Jet and appreciate their continued support in helping our youth realize their dreams. We're also thrilled to learn that Fatima is a MPI Jet scholarship recipient. She has worked hard to build a pathway to her dream college. Her story is a testament to the bright futures our club members can achieve with dedication and opportunity."

The Boys & Girls Clubs are historically known for helping students access higher education, an essential step in chasing a dream. The association of MPI Jet and the The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County was a great partnership that will continue for years to come.

Image of MPI Jet's Dream of Flight logo, symbolizing their commitment to excellence and community development through private jet charter services.

MPI Jet hopes to motivate other businesses to give students the opportunity to become exposed to the occupations their industry provides through similar partnerships. The company also plans to fundraise throughout the remainder of 2024 and into 2025 to sustain and grow this scholarship initiative for future dreamers. We invite local businesses and community members to contribute, opening more doors for young dreamers like Fatima.

The Dream of Flight program, including last year's drawing contest and airport BBQ event, allows MPI Jet and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey to inspire local youth to chase their ambitions. With plans to expand to more Monterey schools in 2025, this collaboration uplifts entire communities.

As Fatima embarks on her academic pursuits, aided by the Dream of Flight Scholarship, her perseverance stands as a beacon of hope. MPI Jet remains steadfast in ensuring all students can spread their wings and soar toward their grandest dreams.

Once again, congratulations to Fatima Abed! Her unwavering determination continues to inspire us all to reach new heights. The skies are wide open for those who dare to dream.

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