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2022 Year in Review

Flight hours, passengers, and miles...oh my!

MPIJet Year-in-review

This year, MPIJet experienced a tremendous increase in private aircraft charter activity. Let's review these statistics and celebrate our wins together!

Oh, the Places We Went

Within the past 365 days, MPIJet recorded over 2,515 private charter flight hours and covered more than 608,000 miles! We flew 3,237 customers to 35 different states. Some of our most frequent destinations being Telluride, CO; Anaheim, CA; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and San Diego, CA. Providing you with top-notch services and a perfect safety record continues to be our number one goal.

Wouldn't Have Anything if We Didn't Have YOU

Let's talk about YOU. Of our 3,259 privately chartered clients, 24% identified as female and 76% identified as male. The majority of these individuals were within the business, sports, and agriculture industries. With our home base just outside the famous Pebble Beach resort, we are happy to continue to serve a large golf network, providing exclusive rates and deals.

Growing the MPIJet Community

This past year, MPIJet has proudly formed partnerships and hosted/sponsored local events with incredible organizations. Together, we introduced our services and fleet of privately owned aircraft to our community during the 2022 Open Hangar Event. We sipped wine with McIntyre Family Vineyards and enjoyed hors d'oeuvres by Woody's at the Airport while admiring Reggie Jackson's classic car collection.

The MPIJet community welcomed four new members to the team; Craig Murray, Rosa Vega, Bianca Quintero, and Mark Hendrix. All of whom are ready and willing to serve you! We value these new additions to our team and are looking forward working with them.

Collaboration is Something We Enjoy

As a team, we donated flights and volunteered our time to fly the Navy F35 Demo Team during the Salinas Airshow. We worked together to show all those who flew in and worked at the Concours D'elegance how to host a good ole fashioned BBQ. We collaborated with 65 Degree's Magazine to expand the world of private aircraft travel and launched an affiliate marketing program that you just might have to ask us about!

These are only a few examples of the outreach opportunties we had the privilege of hosting and growth we feel honored to have experienced this last year. As a team, we plan to continue the expansion of these and other projects.

Thank you for giving us a reason to take flight in 2022. We look forward to delivering excellent service to you in the New Year. Cheers to 2023!

~Your MPIJet Team

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