Business woman with private jet

Meet The Team

We assembled an amazing staff of talented, experienced people.


All of our pilots are certified under the FAR’s (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 135 Charter, a rigorous process that guarantees the highest level of flight operations, maintenance and training.


In addition to our staff of certified in-house pilots, we work with a number of fully-vetted, qualified independent pilots to promote continuity and familiarity throughout our client's private charter flight experience.

Matt McIntyre, Chief Pilot

Matt has been flying since the age of 13. His first flight was in a modified Pitts Special with world-renowned, airshow acrobatic pilot Sean Tucker. Matt has a BS in Aeronautical Management and Technology from ASU. As a commercial Pilot he has 8000 hours Total Time including 1000 hours Multiengine. He also has APS Upset recurrent training, Acrobatic flight experience and five years as a 141 flight instructor with over 4500 hours dual given. When not aloft, Matt enjoys racing and working on modified street cars.

James Garamendi, Director of Operations

James Garamendi is an active Airline Transport-rated pilot with more than 8,000+ flight hours and 20+ years of aviation industry experience. While serving in the U.S. Army’s Priority Jet Transport Unit, he was responsible for the travel of foreign and domestic officials and diplomats. In 2004, Garamendi transitioned into aircraft management and corporate aviation, flying private charter out of California’s Central Valley. In 2010, he accepted a position as Chief Pilot operating out of the Monterey Peninsula. Now as Director of Operations for MPEC and MPIJeT, James is responsible for leading and overseeing our team and maintaining our high levels of safety and customer service.

Steve McIntyre, President

Steve McIntyre intimately understands what makes the Santa Lucia Highlands area a unique treasure in the world of fine wine. Being that rare combination of winegrower and winemaker, Steve earned degrees in both viticulture and enology, graduating from CSU Fresno with a Masters in Enology. He put both disciplines into practice here long before the place, in no small part due to his efforts, became known to wine lovers and critics the world over. Steve knows this collection of storied vineyards like no other. After years as a winemaker at Smith & Hook, a neighboring winery in the Highlands, he purchased an adjacent 80-acre vineyard parcel in 1987 that would eventually became McIntyre Vineyards, producing wine under his family name. Steve also has a real passion for Aviation and started the long process of learning to fly with his son Matthew back in 1999 as a “father-son experience.” Steve’s love for aviation eventually led him to purchase an aircraft that started Monterey Pacific Executive Charter. His business “know how” and determination proved to make Monterey Pacific Executive Charter a thriving, safe and expanding business striving for customer service and transparency.