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Elevate Your Super Bowl Experience with MPIJet 🏈

Super Bowl LVIII | February 11, 2024

Limited Aircraft Slots

Save the date for February 11, 2024, and secure your trip with MPIJet. Slots for airport arrivals are limited, emphasizing the importance of early booking to guarantee your seamless entry to this electric occasion.

Wine Flight HDR 7 no tail #.jpg
Las Vegas, NV

Premier Year at
Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas!

As the first year the Super Bowl graces Las Vegas, this is an event you won't want to miss. Travel luxury and arrive in style with MPIJet, your premier choice in travel for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas at the esteemed Allegiant Stadium.

Why Choose MPIJet?


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Make your journey as memorable as the game itself.

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