Requesting Quotes Within The Empty Leg Portal

Unsure how to request a quote within your MPIJet Empty Leg Portal?

Follow the directions below or contact for help.

Requesting Quotes

Log into your Empty Leg Portal by clicking HERE and visit the Home tab to locate all available flights. Or, visit your last MPIJet Empty Leg email or text message.

  • Locate the private flight you desire to receive a quote on or book.

  • Click the "Request to Book" button below the aircraft's image.

  • When you "Request to Book" you can clarify that you are not booking the flight immediately.

  • You may contact us through the "Request to Book" button to receive information regarding the fight's pricing, flight-time, private aircraft accommodations, or any-other inquiries you may have regarding that specific empty leg.

  • It should be noted that all empty legs are first-come-first-serve. We advise that you take action as quickly as possible when locating a flight that matches your travel agenda.

  • Please know that if a flight has been sold upon the time of your request, MPIJet's team is unable to retrieve that flight for you but can locate other flights similar to the one you requested.

  • Once your request is submitted, MPIJet's team will respond as soon as possible to answer any inquiries about your private flight, or update you on the status of your request.

Looking for more empty legs on MPIJet's personal private aircraft? Visit our "MPIJet's Empty Legs" tab by clicking the link below. Happy Booking!

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