Adding and Removing Airports

Updated: Jul 25

Log into your Empty Leg Portal by clicking HERE.

Adding Airports

  • Locate and click the Adjust Your Profile tab on the left hand side of your screen.

  • Type the name of your desired airports into the From Airport or To Airport section of your profile.

  • If your desired airport does not come up, try typing that airport's airport code. Ex: Monterey Regional Airport's code is MRY.

  • Be sure to add BOTH your desired to and from airports before Adding Airports. Ex: To: MRY From: LAX --> Add Airports.

If your airports were successfully added, you will see their correlating airport codes below the Add Airport section.

It is important to note that you need to enter the airports in the opposite order if you wish to receive notifications going to and from each location.

  • Ex: You will enter LAX - MRY and the opposite MRY - LAX to receive notifications with flights going both to and from those locations.

Removing Airports

  • Click on the airports you wish to stop receiving notifications from and click the remove button to the right.

  • This action will delete both your to and from airports you had entered.

Be sure to SAVE YOUR CHANGES by clicking the green Save Changes button below the Pause Notification button whenever you make edits to your airports. If you leave your portal without saving your changes, all edits will not be saved.

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