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Ownership & Maintenance

Making Private Plane Ownership Convenient, Stress-Free and Cost-Effective.


Do you or your company regularly charter private jets for personal and business purposes?  If so, you might want to consider purchasing a portion or all of your own aircraft.
Through our affiliate EverFlight, we have purchased and sold numerous aircraft. We can help facilitate the transaction and manage the maintenance and operation of your aircraft at highly competitive rates.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What aircraft management services does MPI Jet offer?


A. MPI Jet has a variety of aircraft management services. We help customers throughout the entire aircraft ownership process starting with assisting them in purchasing a private plane and then maintaining day-to-day operations of their aircraft. MPI Jet will hire and train personnel and plan and track flights for customers. With its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 certification, MPI Jet can also charter aircraft on behalf of clients, turning assets into revenue. MPI Jet helps clients save money on maintaining their aircraft by negotiating pricing for fuel, insurance, training and maintenance.


Q. Why should I choose MPI Jet to manage my aircraft?


A. MPI Jet can both maintain the operation of your aircraft and charter it during its idle time by putting your aircraft on the MPI Jet charter certificate. MPI Jet will take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft and will negotiate pricing for fuel, insurance, training and maintenance. Fuel discounts, alone, can save the owner of a midsize aircraft thousands of dollars per year. MPI Jet has an impressive safety record, excellent customer service and is committed to the peak performance and safety of your aircraft.


Q. Why should I put my aircraft on a charter certificate?


A. Air charter is a good way to offset fixed expenses of owning a private plane. For example, in some cases, placing the aircraft on a charter certificate avoids the necessity to pay sales tax on your initial acquisition. Additionally, you may be eligible for an annual fuel tax rebate. In order to charter your plane according to FAA regulations, you must be on a 135 certificate.


Q. How long has MPI Jet been in business?


A. MPI Jet has been managing aircraft since 2014.


Q. Can MPI Jet help me buy a plane?


A. Yes, MPI Jet can help you identify the best aircraft to fit your needs and help you through the purchasing process. Through our affiliate EverFlight, we have purchased and sold numerous aircraft.


Q. What is MPI Jet’s safety and security record?


A. MPI Jet has a steadfast commitment to safety.  MPI Jet complies with strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, assuring its policies and procedures meet the highest standard in operating practices and safety.


Q. Can I choose my own flight crew?


A. MPI Jet assists its customers in selecting a flight crew and is highly qualified in screening the right crew members for your aircraft. If you already have a flight crew, we will provide training and ongoing certification as necessary. MPI Jet provides all personnel administration such as payroll, lease, 401K program and full benefits.


Q. How will my flight crew be managed and trained?


A. MPI Jet offers extensive, ongoing pilot training to crew members. MPI Jet provides emergency and other vital safety training. We maintain records for all required physical examinations as well as drug and alcohol prevention programs as set forth by the FAA. Complete systems training and simulator training is conducted annually through Flight Safety International.


Q. What steps are taken to transition my aircraft into MPI Jet’s management fleet?


A. MPI Jet begins the management process by screening and hiring a flight crew who meets our rigorous standards for experience and safety. We establish payroll and benefits, if necessary, for the crew. MPI Jet then initiates aircraft insurance coverage. We coordinate with owner(s) to complete preference listing for services (catering, snacks, papers, etc) and transfer all accounts on behalf of the owner (engine program, maintenance tracking, subscriptions, etc). Then, we set up fuel card accounts for the aircraft.


Q.  What is the Pilot Rebate Program?


A.  Each managed aircraft comes with a designated full-time pilot and the salary and benefits are paid for by the aircraft owner.  The Pilot Rebate Program pays the owner of the aircraft we manage $500 per day for every day their pilot flies for another entity and is another way to reduce the cost of aircraft ownership.


Q. What are the costs associated with aircraft management?


A. Owners are charged a monthly management fee based on the model and utilization of the aircraft and the fee includes flight support personnel, aircraft maintenance, flight scheduling, records and administration, hangar space, management fees, and insurance.