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Management & Ownership Details

MPI Jet maintains aircraft to the utmost, peak performance and safety. 


Maintaining operations of its clients’ aircraft.

Chartering aircraft for the client.

Turning assets into revenue for client.


MPI Jet has the ability to plan and track flights.

Hire and train personnel.

Negotiate pricing for fuel, insurance, training and maintenance.

*Fuel discounts, alone, can save the owner of a midsize aircraft thousands of dollars per year.

 Day-to-day management of client aircraft includes:


  • Technical Service: equipment maintenance, safety checks and repairs


  • Crew Management: employment and supervision of all pilots, mechanics and other personnel providing services in connection with your aircraft; background checks, uniforms, payroll and benefits packages


  • Administrative Requirements: record keeping, reporting, budgeting, and payment on behalf of the client for aircraft and flight related expenses (hangar rental, management fees, engine warranties, fuel, car rental, catering, etc.)


  • Training Assistance:  programs for pilots, crew, maintenance and other staff


  • Security Systems & Procedures: facility, aircraft, crew and passengers


  • FAA Compliance: monitoring to ensure compliance with all federal regulations


MPI Jet maintains aircraft to the utmost, peak performance and safety.  MPI Jet complies with strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, assuring its policies and procedures meet the highest standard in operating practices and safety.

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