We maintain our Perfect safety record by employing some of the Best pilots, mechanics, and management in the Aviation industry.

We are the only Monterey-based jet charter company with its Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 certificate.  The maintenance and safety of our fleet and overall operations is our highest priority.

We can fly into any commercial airport worldwide, with the exception of airports with certain restrictions that would be off-limits to commercial aviation or do not have enough space, fuel or equipment to properly accommodate the aircraft. 


Customers appreciate the convenience of U.S. customs when traveling on a private jet. Most often, passengers do not have to leave the plane for inspection.


Background and Philosophy


MPI Jet (Monterey Pacific International Jet) is a full-service aviation company, delivering an unparalleled level of service, flexibility, and professionalism in private jet travel. Based at the Monterey Jet Center in Monterey, CA, we offer private air charter, concierge and cargo services, and maintenance, management, acquisition, and brokerage of private aircraft.


MPI Jet was launched in 2014 to serve business and agricultural clients in the western states. We initially purchased air charter certificates from two separate carriers in Monterey County, making us the only FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 135-certificated charter operation in Monterey and San Benito Counties.


In 2018, MPI Jet partnered with Global Wings from Dallas, Texas, and Wine Flights, based in Carmel California. These partnerships allowed us to offer more national and international flights, handle soft cargo, and enhance our customer experience with custom concierge services.


All MPI Jet pilots are certified under the FAR Part 135—a rigorous certification process that guarantees the highest level of flight operations, maintenance, and training. Our highly experienced and well trained pilots have flown hundreds of thousands of miles and have maintained an impeccable safety record.  In addition to our staff of certified inhouse pilots, we work with a number of fully vetted independent pilots that meet MPI Jet’s high standards and ensure continuity throughout the travel experience.


MPI Jet strives to be the premier private jet charter company on the California Central Coast. By upholding our core values of honesty, transparency, and respect for one another, we provide exceptional private travel services locally, nationally, and internationally. We believe charter jet travel should be safe, fairly priced, and enjoyable.


As MPI Jet evolves, we emphasize to each new employee the need to be mindful of our core values. MPI Jet encourages all employees to perfect their craft and pursue excellence. From the onset, MPI Jet employees are empowered with flexibility and encouraged to become interchangeable. This company-wide commitment to both personal growth and mutual support translates into an exceptional customer experience.